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Who makes more money


A General Practitioner


A Specialist?



Of Course.

You are Correct.


The Specialist  makes far more money than a General Practitioner. And not just by a little bit, Specialists make 4 – 10 times+ More Money!


Therefore, if you are going to be in the insurance industry, why be a General Agent (Practitioner) making $80k – $120k each year when you can

Specialize with The ZONE Group getting on target to making $320,000 – Over $1,000,000+ Annually?!




What if there was a better way to do something, when would you like to know about it?


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Want NEW Mortgage Protection & Final Expense Products to offer Your Clients?


  • NON-Medical up to $400,000

  • Cash Back Option or Full Return of Premiums

  • ISSUED STANDARD with Diabetes, HBP, Heart Attack, Prostrate Issues, Cancer History, COPD, Parkinson’s and even Schizophrenia

  • Issue Ages up through Age 85

  • FREE Terminal Illness Rider up 100% of Face Amount

  • FREE Confined Care Rider of 2.5% of Face Amount

  • FREE ADB up to Double the Face Amount or up to FIVE times the Face Amount

  • Guaranteed Level Term, UL & WL Products Available

  • NO Proof of Mortgage and NO Medical exams required




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