You have Questions? We have Answers!


But first, the Million-Dollar Questions to You:

Why  are you here? What  TOP 5 Reason Motivates You?







How much does it cost to get licensed?

  • Because licensing is regulated by each state, the costs are state specific. After you complete and submit the Get Started Now form here on the website, you will be redirected to a page where you can simply click the link for Non-Licensed  people to learn more about TZG’s Discounted Online Licensing classes. You can also visit NIPR or Sircon, as well as search in any search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo for insurance licensing for your resident state as well.

How long does it take to get licensed?

  • Depends on the state you live in. States processing time varies.

Do I have to wait for my license to begining Training?

  • No. Once you Pass your state exam and submit your TZG Contracting Paperwork, you can get Access to TZG’s Exclusive FREE Agent Training! This way You “Hit the Ground Running” the day you get carrier approval!




How long does it take to get appointed with the carriers?

  • As fast as 24 hours!  Or much longer depending on you. Complete paperwork and a clean background makes things faster, so if you have anything that may possibly potentially hypothetically need explaining, explain it in a separate signed letter.

Can I get Appointed with major credit issues, vectors, bankruptcies, tax liens or some background issues?

  • Yes. All may be Accepted, but require explanation as to the circumstances involved. For private explanations feel free to Contact Us and ask for someone to contact you privately.

Are there additional upfront business or inital star-up fees, other than licensing, to get appointed or contracted through TZG?

  • No.


TZG Doesn’t Need You. TZG Wants You!




How much do the leads cost?

How much money am I required to spend on leads each month?

  • ZERO.

Where do you get the leads?





How old are the leads?

  • Days old (referred to as “A” leads)  to over a year old (referred to as “C” leads).

How many agents do you assign the leads to?

  • Our agents are assigned the exclusive rights to leads for a 30 day window. If the lead isn’t converted into a customer, it goes back into the general pool as a “B” lead for another agent to request and go sell. Learn more on our TZG Toolbox page.

What are “Jet Issue” policies and who can qualify for them?

  • Policied Issued/Paid typically in 24-48 hours. Almost everyone qualifies. Click Specialized Products for details.




How Fast can I get paid?

  • TZG’s Jet Issue life insurance applications typically pay cash in your bank account  within 24-48 hours after Jet Issue.

How many applications am I required to write each week/month?

Can I write someone with Diabetes or HBP?




Why would I start on a 45% contract when I am an experienced agent over 20 years and already have a higher contract?

  • Because it’s not about what you make, it’s All About what you Keep! In other words, agents come to us because the extremely high cost of direct mail lead generation for themselves, and for their agencies, become cost prohibitive for staying in business?

  • Our question is, Why are You here looking in the first place?

How do I get promoted?

Is TZG really the best place for me?

  • Maybe. TZG is the Absolute Best place for agents who want to produce, get paid, build an agency or make FIVE Digit commissions with No Chargebacks!

What is the “Ding”?

  • Ahh. The infamous “Dings”. TZG “dings” are our Positive Encouragement and Recognition reminders done through Twitter, recognizing and showcasing your success.

  • Typically you take the Ding ($$$) x 12 months x 45-105% commission x 75% advance = CASH in the Bank  withing 24-48 hours of Jet Issue! (ie. Ding… Ding… Ding… YOU are a Superstar!!!

  • Also See the “Dings” on Facebook on our Facebook Page, as well The ZONE Group’s Business Page.






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