Why TZG?

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You Hear About Getting FREE “Now” Leads

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 TZG is The Industry’s  


 Next Generation IMO  

Offering It All  for Your Superiority!



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 Why TZG? 


Sense of Importance  To the Group


Appreciated  & Respected


Impressive Approval  by Others


Easy  & Simple System


Greater Success  of Your Goals


Freedom  of Non-Captive Contracts


Advancement Opportunities


Agency Override Money  & Bonus Income


Commissions Paid via Daily EFT


Applications Issued/Paid in 24-48 hours


Exclusive  In-House Direct Mail Lead System


Contests, Trips, Awards & Recognition


Private 24/7/365 Training & Support  Available


TZG Support Team  – Here to Assist YOU


TZG Processing Team – Getting YOU Paid FAST


TZG Contracting Team – Building YOUR Agency


TZG Agent Hotline – Call from Client’s House




Live Weekly Team Building  Calls


Live & In-Person Field Training


Lifetime Renewals  available


75% Advances on 45-105%  Contracts


Easy Quoting with your Phone


Commissionable  Policy Fees


Policies mailed direct to policy holders


But Mainly Because…

 YOU Rock!!!  


Because You  Deserve to Be Recognized  for It!




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PPS – TOP 5 Reasons TZG Agents Thrive!



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