TZG’s Terms and Conditions

TZG General Terms and Conditions Statement

Any agent(s) qualifying, attempting to qualify or wanting to maintain any previously attained prize, award, bonus, promotion or any recognition in any form or fashion sponsored by or in part by The ZONE Group (“TZG”), must be in good standing with TZG and/or any and all of TZG’s respective Affiliates, including carriers or be subject to removal of said recognition. TZG, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to modify or change any or all parts of qualifications for prizes, awards, bonuses, promotions or any other recognition in any form or fashion sponsored by or in part by TZG at any time.


TZG Contest Terms and Conditions

Qualifying agents Win in 1 category only, Builder’s Premium OR Personal Production. If an agent qualifies for TZG Cruise Credits in both Builder’s Premium Category and Personal Production Category, only the ONE category giving them the most cruise credits will be selected. Agents do NOT get cruise credits from both categories. 

$3,000 Annualized Premium (AP) is the MAXIMUM Contest Credit per submitted client application to be counted for contest credit.

NO Controlled Business as defined by each carrier, but in general defined as business on an individual that the carrier you are submitting to will Not pay Advance commissions.

Agents Must maintain a MINIMUM of 70% Placement AND 70% Persistency on Contest Period’s Personal Submitted AP to Qualify.

Any client business re-submitted within 90 days of original submission will Not be counted towards contest production.


Qualifying agents must be in good standing with The ZONE Group (TZG) and their respective carriers at the time of the cruise in order to attend. Any agent who qualifies and is unable to attend for any reason is not entitled to receive any other form of compensation. Contest winnings are NON-Transferable. The ZONE Group, Inc., at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify or change any of the qualifications or offering at any time.


TZG Contest Credits

TZG Cruise Credits are defined as credits that TZG allows a qualifing agent to accumulate credits in direct relation to an outlined production requirement as set forth in the above outlined terms and conditions.

TZG Cruise Credits are for Individual Agent use Only and are Not to be combined with or used in conjunction  with any other Individual Agent’s TZG Cruise Credits.

TZG Cruise credits are for the sole use of TZG to determine a dollar amount used by TZG to pay for a portion of the qualifying agent’s cabin costs if TZG so chooses.

TZG Cruise Credits are for the qualifying agent Only and have No other use.

TZG Cruise Credits are Not Cash and have No Monetary value.

TZG Cruise Credits are NON-Transferable.


For Addition Disclosure Information or Clarification see TZG’s

Legal Disclosure Statement


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