Appointment Setter Program

Ever feel like these people?




Who knew scheduling appointments would be so Painful?!


Running to the bathroom with “the runs” because your so nervous about calling people!


Or Maybe You have,



Headaches and heart palpitations over the thought of the phone!


Scared of the rejection from people not wanting to schedule.


Or You’re Simply thinking…


appointment_setting_frustration“Stupid people frustrate me! Scheduling appointments is a ‘Whip Ass Beating’ that wears me out!”


So you find yourself making excuses like “I can’t sit still for that long.”


Or Finally,



You are Great on the Phone and You have no issues doing it, but You are constantly on the go!


Your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) is run by a B.O.S.S. (Double S.O.B. Spelled Backwards) who gives you more work because he heard you got your insurance license and are bettering yourself to make more money!


You Really are just TOO BUSY to stop and schedule!










You Need Appointments

to get in front of people so you can write them up, make them your clients and Get PAID the Insane MONEY that Super Sales People & Not so super insurance agents Get PAID!!!





However You Definately Do Have



1. Suck it Up and Do it On Your Own Anyway, cause you need the money!


2. tzg_3_get_started_now_1a with The ZONE Group


And plug into our TZG Training where we can work with you, coach you, roll-play with you and literally help you Succeed! Imagine making MASSIVE Amounts of Money because You plugged the training program(s) that you have been looking for, asking for and praying for!


PLUS You Now having access  to TZG Appointment Setters who are helping You relax by scheduling your appointments!



Picture… You… Because…




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