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“On a warm, sunny day in April 1998 in Hawaii,  laying on my back with my hands laced behind my head gazing at the ceiling fan made of palm leaves I had one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.


“I had already begun researching ways to make more money. Although I had my college degree from SMU in Dallas, Texas, I was only making $17,500 a year. Since I realized I could not afford the lifestyle I was enjoying at that very moment long-term, I just laid there thinking.


“Then I had that “ah ha” moment rich people talk about having right before making millions. Little did I know that the incredible, magical experience would change my life forever.”   — David Kiselak


Imagine The Begining of Success


“What an incredible story!”

“Truly an Amazing example of teamwork!”

“Ok where do I sign up!”


After getting licensed in the insurance industry in 1998, David Kiselak began selling health insurance where after about a year of changes he quickly realized two very important things.


  1. You can make millions in the insurance industry, and

  2. You better be in the Life Insurance side of the industry to do it fast and easy with freedom !


Having said that, he was recruited into Primerica at 22 years old where he achieved amazing success that few in the orgaization ever achieve.


  • RVP status within one year of deciding to become an RVP

  • Winning their Fast Track  Award

  • Winning their  Power Builder  Green Jacket Award

  • Earning & Maintaining the coveted  $100,000 Power Builder Income Ring of TOP Earners

  • Pre-Qualifying for “ownership” 

  • And to many other awards to list here!


But after 10 years and a very successful career with the company, David had ideas of his own. Ideas of how an organization should run. Ideas including positive  competion, work ethic like Top Professional Athletes and loyalty to the team.



David’s wife Beth, having a plumbing license and a project manager job at the time never joined Primerica because she, like most people, had her dealings with insurance agents over the years, but mainly the quintessential “used car” insurance agent’s guilt of dying approach with a two hour flip chart presentation.


Needless to say she was not excited about David’s business, had no interest and never got licensed, although she was always the perfect partner, supporting  David in all he did.


Beth is more the stable  job, relationship  driven, type person. Similiar and yet different than her husband.


“Together however, they are a dynamo!”



So after discussing their options they decided to leave their careers and focus on their future of doing something together.


Making successful ventures into real estate investing, private equity options and a travel business, they came upon friends from years ago who also were very successful in business and they talked to David and Beth about joining them and their partners to “Run the Score Up!”  yet again.


As exciting as it sounded, it would mean David and Beth were back in the insurance business. (Ironic Right!)  Once they got over the fact that they would be back in insurance, they joined their friends and got back into the Life Insurance Industry.


Only this time Beth got licensed too!


Together their Vision of Success keeps them focused as they are beyond determined to Win! Starting with Beth putting pen to paper while David typed on his laptop as they listed all the things that are important to them and where they saw their future in the “Insurance World.”


They immediately decided to first come up with an organization name, but not just any name. A name that separated them from everyone else in the traditional insurance industry. A name different than others who simply used their last name before the word Group or Agency.


They wanted something Bigger than themselves! They wanted something that Everyone could be a part of and feel Special! They wanted to attract other competitors that could and would push them to get and be Better! They wanted a name that was All-Inclusive to Success ! Where TOP  Competitors Wanted to Be at All Times!


A name that described and virtually guaranteed  everyone in the organizations MASSIVE SUCCESS! They wanted a name to identify with and ultimately to grow with.


The Name


Not the easiest of tasks by any means. After brain storming out-loud for a while, Beth finally grabbed a dictionary and began looking at words and their meanings. And Yes, an old school paper-back bound dictionary with actual pages. LOL


After several hours they finally landed on “Z”… where Beth came across the word “ZONE”. And David jumped up saying…


“That’s it Beth! You got it! That’s what I’m talking about!

“Everyone knows that when you get in “the Zone” you are virtually guaranteed success!

“It’s when you start doing things in that Unconscious Competence manner. Football coaches and players all know they have the highest probability of scoring success when they get in the “Red Zone” of a football field!

“Watch Top Performers from violinists and actors, to race car drivers and basketball players. You can Always tell when someone is ‘In the Zone!'”


Beth began laughing and telling David to relax as she read aloud…


ZONE is defined as

An expression used to describe a state of consciousness where actual skills match the perceived performance requirements perfectly. Being in the zone implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of performance. Athletes, musicians and anybody that totally owns a challenge of physical and mental performance can be in the zone.


After reading this they knew they had come up with their group name. A name that put ego aside  and focused on:

    • the Total Success  of the Team…

    • the MASSIVE Success  of the Team…

    • the All-Inclusive  description of Everyone who Chooses to Focus on Winning as a Team…

    • the Perfect description of their Vision 


The ZONE Group


Made up of no one, but made up of Everyone.


The ZONE Group was born and the rest is history!








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